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Meet Kevin

Attorney Jones is a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He came to North Carolina as a part of the Teach for America program in 1997. Mr. Jones taught 5th grade at Braswell Elementary School, in Rocky Mount, NC for three years. It was during this time as a classroom teacher that he began to see how he could combine his passion for protecting the rights of others and his love for law. In August 2000, he took the next step on the road to reaching his lifelong dream of becoming an attorney.

My Story

A graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law, Attorney Jones began his service to the community as an Assistant Public Defender in Durham County in 2003. As a Public Defender for four years, Attorney Jones saw the impact of not having passionate, professional, and experienced representation in the justice system. 


"I've always believed in showing dedication to treating all citizens, attorneys, and court personnel with dignity and respect," Attorney Jones said. "As District Court Judge, I aim to be deliberate in balancing judgment with mercy."


Attorney Jones left the Public Defender's Office in 2007 and started The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones, PLLC in Durham, NC. In addition, Attorney Jones served as an Adjunct Professor for the Juvenile Law Clinic at NCCU in the early years of his private practice. Attorney Jones began his law firm to protect all clients from abuse in the justice system by informing them of their rights and providing guidance through complex legal issues.


"I have been honored to provide legal counsel to the citizens of Durham County," Attorney Jones said. "Now, I humbly ask for your support and vote as your next District Court Judge."

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